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The Cameroonian writer Max Lobe nominated for the Prix Les Afriques

Settled for more than ten years in his adopted country of Switzerland, Max Lobe has been able to impose a literary style that does not go unnoticed. A very  committed author, he positions himself as the voice of the voiceless, taking a critical look at societal realities while trying to bring a little of himself into what he sees, feels and thinks that needs to be changed. His works, such as living memoirs, offer readers extraordinary odysseys carrying messages of love and hope.

Max Lobe has to his credit several literary distinctions, including the famous Kourouma prize awarded in 2017 with the book ‘Confidences’ published by Editions Zoe, a novel that traces the path of Ruben Um Nyobe. This year, he is nominated for the ‘Prix Les Afriques’ with his latest novel ‘Loin de Douala’ which was released in March 2018 still in the same publishing house. Besides him, fourteen other African authors have been nominated.
Of these, five will be selected for the jury that will nominate the winner.

Note that the ‘Les Afriques Award’ is a distinction that rewards African writers. Authors who propose original texts directly related to Africa. Texts based on rich and varied themes such as politics, culture, economics, history, society, humanity and ideologies. The winner will leave with the plump sum of 6000 Swiss francs, that is, more than three million CFA francs.

The ‘Les Afriques Award’ is sponsored by CENE Littéraire, an association based in Switzerland, which was founded in May 2015. This literary platform works for the visibility of committed literature on the African continent and that of the diaspora. It has people from several African communities who work hand in hand for the recognition of African literature.

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