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The Cliq Urban Music Festival. Is here.

Season’s Greetings from The Cliq Urban Music Festival.

We know you’ve been worried and asking yourselves questions about our long silence. Well, we are here to give you explanations because you deserve to know.

Firstly, the festival is a huge event bringing together over 15,000 people to celebrate our artists and to thank them for exporting Cameroonian music to the rest of the world.

Although we had all artists booked for the event, we do not just want to give you another concert and call it a festival, we want to give you the #CliqExperience.

From Cameroon to Africa, to the world, be part of the #CliqExperience. The government, companies and you. Every support matters…

Rendezvous at the Cliq Urban Music Festival from Friday 22nd to Sunday 24th of March at
 Palais Des Sport, Yaoundé.

As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, 20% of proceeds will be used to aid internally displaced of the Anglophone crisis.

See you in March.

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