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The Father’s Heart : A Gripping Tale of Hate, Survival, Poverty & Grit All in Cameroonian Style

There’s no delicate way to put this: The Cameroonian-inspired movie that just premiered last year is a true-life story. 
A movie by Ngwefuni Max’s Ngwefuni Media Production and directed by award-winning film director Chidox Anyanwu, “The Father’s Heart” is an authentic story in which the Cameroonian audience can easily identify themselves with.
It’s a gripping tale of hate, survival, poverty, and grit. It is a deeply layered debut story by Ngwefuni Max Ignatius. A first-time producer who borrows a lot from his personal experience to tell the story, The Father’s Heart. 

The movie, which also features prominent Nigerian actors like Joyce Kalu, Juliet Irima, Amaechi Muonagor, and Kenneth Ogochuku, talks about how people mistreat other people around them. 
“It’s a story of how you can still go from nothing to something if you believe that what craft or whatever little time you have can produce something very big,” Ngwefuni Max said.
The Executive Producer/Producer of the movie, Ngwefuni Max, is a recognized Cameroonian fashion designer and a remarkably talented actor whose appearance always makes a statement. Stepping into the producer’s shoes for the first time, he is the producer and executive producer of the movie, The Father’s Heart – a maiden production from his production company, Ngwefuni Media Productions.

As early as age 9, Ngwefuni Max, who grew up in Bafanji village in the Northwest Region of Cameroon, was immersed in the world of acting. His mother, a wife of a king, who was neither an actress nor anything near acting, wondered about her son’s keen interest and love for movies at such a tender age.
While his father ruled as king, Ngwenfuni, on the other hand, was busy admiring Nollywood stars Kanayo O. Kanayo and Kenneth Okonkwo.
Until now, Max has never produced a movie of his own. The movie, which is based on a true-life story, happens to be his very first. His relationship with the movie’s director also helped him to put together a powerful Nigerian crew for his very first shoot. 

Ngwenfuni’s life isn’t all about acting movies. He’s also a philanthropist and a mental health specialist now based in Washington DC. 
In 2015, he was a recipient of a humanitarian award from DeeDee Records and Entertainment for donating clothes to less privileged kids. 
He was awarded a certificate of recognition from Fiesta International Group of Companies and was also nominated for the NEGA Awards in 2015.

Born to a Zambian mother and a Cameroonian king, Ngwefuni’s inspiration for acting can be linked to the medical field. Realizing the enormous healing power entertainment has on the depressed and mentally disordered, he decided to use his expertise as a mental health specialist to relieve people from stress through entertainment.
Nowadays, being entertained reduces the level of stress that people have according to Ngwefuni. 
“Being a mental health specialist, I come across a lot of people having depression, stress, bipolar disorders, and mental health issues. If they get to watch something entertaining, something that makes them smile, it takes away that stress.”
The movie (The Father’s Heart), which already premiered last year on Africa Magic Epic, will soon premiere on YouTube and other online video streaming platforms.

Packed with a lot of comedy, movie lovers should, therefore, expect a true-life story they can relate to, a lot of inspiration, and a lot of tears.

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