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The Ministry of Defence confirms Samuel Wazizi’s death, they accuse him of working with Amba Boys…

#BetaPipol wa Ministry of Defence don moof statement concerning Samuel Wazizi e die.
Dey say dey be arrest e bicos dey be di suspect say e be di work wit Amba boys dem.
Dey say dey do investigations, dier investigations dey show say Samuel Wazizi be dey guilty of the accusations dem. Say e be di actually work wit plenty Amba camp dem for Fako Division, like Mountains Lions Buea, 21 Man Scott For life, One for All etc.
Dey transfer e go Yawundeh. Dey go reach for Yawundeh, dey realise say Wazizi no be well. Dey take e go military hospital. Dey say time way e be dey for hospital, e be dey in communication wit e family and friends dem. Dey say e be get “Severe Sepsis.” E last die for the military hospitul on August 17th.
Dey say e death certificate dey and e di show say e die na from “Severe Sepsis” nobi from torture. Dey say dey be carry e corpse go mortuary, and dey be inform e family but e family dey no do any tin for gi e befitting burial.
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