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The Nigerian Police Force speaks out on the arrest of Ambazonian president & Co, reveals they violated the laws of Nigeria!

The Nigerian Police Force (NPF) explains that the secessionist leaders; Sisiku Ayuk Julius and Co, violated the Nigerian laws by creating training camps in Nigeria.

In an article published by Nigerian Newspaper; The Vanguard, on January 17, 2018, it is revealed that the Newspaper editors approached the Nigerian Police Force (NFP) to better understand the situation of English-speaking separatists arrested in early January 2018 in Nigeria, and this is what they gathered:

“The Government of Nigeria can not house the secessionists of a neighboring country like Cameroon at a time when the two countries are cooperating and fighting together the Boko Haram terrorists who are trying to impose their Islamic state in northeastern Nigeria.”- a source of the Nigerian Police told The Vanguard.

“In addition,” the source continues, “it is well known that the Federal Government of Nigeria has recently banned the activities of Biafra secessionists (IPOB), so how can the territory of Nigeria be used by secessionists to cause trouble in a friendly country like Cameroon “?

The police source confirmed to the newspaper that the arrested leaders had been caught red-handed, in training camps, training secessionists for future mayhem with forms of security Cameroon.

According to the newspaper, there are also indications that the Nigerian Foreign Ministry and the Cameroonian Embassy in Nigeria are already discussing the arrest of these separatists.

‘Ambazonia’ Acting President Sisiku Ayuk Tabe and nine other lieutenants were arrested by the Nigerian police in Abuja on January 5, 2018 while holding a meeting at a hotel. Long before their arrest, Nigerian security forces arrested some 30 members of the ‘Ambazonia’ force who were training in the state of Taraba, Nigeria.

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