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The reality behind the collabo

So it’s news now that Salatiel and Beyonce have a collabo and there are comments like “the guy has now sold his own soul to the devil” and this leaves me with two questions;

1) The people we christians spend time criticizing for being occultic are making waves and whether we realise it or not we are their marketers because we talk about them. How much time do we spend spreading good vibes about our Gospel artists?

2) Why have we who have sold our own souls to God for several years now not been able to make news like these ones? I mean it’s a sell and gain thing for them, why not for us?

3) Comparatively how many souls do we christians win for the kingdom of God as to those the occultists win for their master? Who is winning and who is loosing ?

              I have possible answers too;

1) The gospel milieu is becoming a sphere of critics rather than christians.

2) Christians are total sell-outs otherwise the gifts of a man should make a way for him (proverbs 18:16).

3) The great commission in Matthew 28:18-20 has been loosing its value and essence and christians are too busy fighting to notice it.

          Its high time we promote our own kingdom and cease unnecessary denominational and religious fights.

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