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The richest man in French speaking sub-saharan Africa is a Cameroonian; Baba Danpullo. See list of the Top 7 Richest Cameroonians:

Forbes Africa magazine has just released its 2019 ranking of the richest men in sub-Saharan Africa.

Despite the conflict with Vietnamese for more than two years in the management of Nexttel, the third mobile operator in Cameroon, Baba Danpullo is still the richest man in French-speaking sub-Saharan Africa in 2019.

Sitting on a financial mattress of 920 million dollars (over 500 billion FCFA), Baba Danpullo, made a fortune in real estate, agribusiness, hospitality, transport and telecommunications(Nexttel).

Another Cameroonian, Paul Fokam Kammogne, is in second place in the Forbes 2019 ranking.

This other Cameroonian billionaire, with a fortune estimated at 900 million dollars (about 495 billion CFA francs), is at the head of Afriland First Group, a banking holding company with eleven subsidiaries in Africa and offices in France and China. Paul Fokam Kammogne is also active in real estate, insurance, the paper industry among others.

The 3rd and 4th places are successively granted to the Rawji family (DR Congo), leader of the Congolese bank, Rawbank, with 820 million dollars, then to George Forrest (DR Congo), Director of the Forres Group, with 800 million dollars.

With a fortune estimated at 710 million dollars, Yilas Akbaraly (Madagascar) completes the top 5 of this ranking.

Seven billionaires from Cameroon are in the top 20 for Forbes Africa. Besides the two mentioned above, we find Samuel Foyou in the 13th position with a fortune estimated at $407 million(244 billion frs). He bought many companies of Group Fotso . The latter is also preparing to launch a brewery Cameroon company, and a hotel chain called Chrystal Palace.

The Mukete’s family, is ranked 16th with $360 million(about 210 billion frs). They generate their income from Telecommunications(Camtel, MTN), Media(Spectrum TV, Boom TV) and other businesses.

In the 18th position is the late Jean Samuel Noutchoguoin with $315 million(over 189 Billion frs). He passed away in January 2019. Most of his wealth is from Agriculture among other businesses.

Nana Bouba is 19th, with a fortune estimated at $310 million(about 186billion frs). He generates most of his wealth from Agriculture, animal farming, cattle rearing, transport and food processing.

Senator and businessman; Sylvester Ngouchinghe is ranked 20th with a fortune estimated at $280 million(168 Billion frs). He generates most of his income from Agriculture, fish farming(CONGELCAM), among other businesses.

So the Top 7 Richest Cameroonians are:

1 – Baba Danpullo – 500 Billion frs
2 – Paul Fokam Kammogne – 495 Billion frs
3 – Samuel Foyou – 244 Billion frs
4 – Mukete’s family – 210 Billion frs
5 – Jean Samuel Noutchoguoin- 189 Billion frs
6 – Nana Bouba – 186 Billion frs
7 – Sylvester Ngouchinghe- 168 Billion frs

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