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These are the 7 highest paid public sector General Managers in Cameroon.

BetaPipol on May 4th, wa Minister of Finance; Louis Paul Motaze, be sign 2 decrees dem for categorize state owned companies/establishments dem. So expert dey don use the classification, for calculate the salaries dem way General Managers dem for the companies dey di getam per month. Na the Top 7 highest paid General Managers dem dis:

1-Claude Simo Njonou (SONARA)-13,557,143 frs

2-Mohamadou Bayero (SODECOTON)- 13,557,143 frs

3-Judith Yah Sunday épse Achidi (CAMTEL)-13,557,143 frs

4-Alain Malong (ALUCAM)-13,557,143 frs

5-Adolphe Moudiki (SNH)-13,557,143 frs

6-Noël Alain Olivier Mekulu Mvondo (CNPS)-7,028,571 frs

7-Philippe Camille Akoa (FEICOM)-7,028,571 frs

Dat 👆money na dier monthly salary. E include fuel allowance, water and electricity allowance, house allowance, telephone allowance, accommodation allowance, liability allowance, representation allowance and hotel allowance.

Then dier benefits dey include: company motor, day and night guards, furniture and equipment allowance (12 million frs and 6 million frs respectively), medical care and evacuation, annual leave, end-of-term bonus, mission expenses, annual function allowance and performance bonus.

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