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This is exacy what happened that 13 people died in Pinyin, Santa, North West Region!

Yesterday evening, women and children were seen fleeing from Pinyin; Santa Subdivision; North West Region, to neighbouring Bamenda in escape of the gun battle that was reigning in some local communities in lower Pinyin.
According to our sources, on the evening of friday August 31st, 3 military trucks filled with military men, stormed into lower Pinyin in search of Amba Boys whom they heard were residing in the area. 
Upon their arrival, the Amba Boys had fled. In their search for Amba Boys they raided some homes, shot and killed those they found inside, most of whom were elderly people, as the youths had fled to the bushes. 6 people were reportedly shot and killed. One little boy aged between 7-9years old got hit by a stray bullet and his face got completely shattered, but he did not die.
Upon hearing this, the Amba Boys, came out to face the military yesterday September 1st. They blocked the road as the military were leaving Pinyin, to intercept them. They said they heard the military stormed Pinyin looking for them, so they have come out to show themselves.
That was how a fierce gun battle took place now between the military and Amba Boys. According to our sources 6 police men were killed with 1 police woman.
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