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TikTok suspended in Senegal

A decision has been signed by the Ministry of Communication, Telecommunication and Digital Economy in Senegal, temporarily suspending the TikTok app in the West African nation.

The ban comes after an internet shutdown, and at a time when the country’s political sovereignty is facing a perilous situation. There are protests across the country, following the arrest of opposition leader, Ousmane Sonko, and the dissolution of his political party PASTEF.

The Minister of Communication Moussa Bocar Thiam said; “It has been observed that the TikTok application is the preferred social network for ill-intentioned persons in the spread of hateful messages that threaten the stability of the country.”

The document containing the decision which takes effect until further notice, urged telephone operators to ensure its respect.

It is not the first time TikTok is suspended by a government. China’s social media giant is facing restrictions in several countries, for enhancing the rapid spread of information or ideologies which they don’t share. 

Several countries like the US, United Kingdom, France, Canada, Australia, Belgium, Taiwan, Norway, New Zealand, and the Netherlands, have banned its use on government devices over privacy and security concerns. India imposed a permanent ban on the app in 2021.

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