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Tilla exposes Jovi and New Bell Music on Facebook!

Former Newbell Music artiste; Tilla, made a post on Facebook, calling herself the best female rapper in Cameroon.

A Facebook user then took to her post to comment the following:

“Tsuiip… U di worry na worry with ur over show show attitude. I know dat’s why JOVI kicked ya ass out of Newbell Music after using u very well… Hahaha u don confuse… “Trop parler c’est maladie” Stop praisex urself & let others do dat!! #U_Aint_De_Best #U_Aint_Shit.”

Tilla responded with severe allegations against her former boss; Jovi, and his label; New Bell Music, she responded:

“Ok fake new bell account. It’s on! I know it’s u! Yes u tried to use me which only confirms that u are fake and an imposter full of evil and lies that’s why u always need great young artists with positive energy around u so u can manipulate and drain them like u are doing with poor Reniss and u are very insecure that’s why you are not bold enough to perform often. I knew I had something very special in me when u showed me how my presence was so threatening to your blind folded regime and your greedy ass label-u couldn’t succeed to brain wash me.I got more love and respect than u from ur hood Mambanda cus they recognize real. So I guess I gained instead of loosing.U have never been about any mboko life. U use other peoples stories and translate Jay-Z’s raps and other American rappers songs into pidgin and tell it like it’s yours. Pfhh! I am the light sent from above and u and ur agents of darkness from below will never stop me from shinning! Blii dat!!”

While trying to digest all what you just read above check out her latest video featuring Chuzih Dadido titled ‘Understanding’:

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