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Tonto Dikeh confirms separation from her husband!

For some weeks now, rumors have been circulating that Nigerian actress; Tonto Dikeh has separated from her husband; Oladunni Churchill, for alleged infidelity.

You know, we better people here at Beta Tinz don’t post rumors, only the truth, so that is why we haven’t reported on the story.

But unfortunately, it is indeed true that Tonto Dikeh has separated from her husband, as she took to her social media today to confirm the rumors.

Several of her followers had been expressing their opinions on the situation on her Instagram page based on ‘word on the street’, so Tonto Dikeh, responded to them by saying:

“When a woman leaves her husband, she takes her child because absolutely nothing else matters to her but the child.

This is what I did and I happily give all access for his father to see him. Now my question to you is that did your source also tell you that he has never called for once to Ask how his son is doing? I will admit, I personally blocked his access to me for the sake of my emotional stability,

But nonetheless he has the nannys no, my assistants contact,my part time helps number, and many other mediums of reaching the son your source claims I ‘took away’. He could use all possible mediums wisely if he wished to,

As an acclaimed “concerned fan” I expect you to pray not to indirectly throw “concerned” shades..

What goes on in my marriage and home is my personal life, i’m grateful for all the years of support you all have been giving me but when it comes to the matters of the heart have enough respect to let us go thru our moments alone..

Tonto Dikeh and Oladunni Churchill have been married for 17 months and they have a 1 year old son together. Our heart goes out to them both, hoping they would overcome this rough patch in their marriage.


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