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Top 10 Digital Marketers in Cameroon 2020 | BETATINZ

Digital Marketing in Cameroon has become a huge topic today.

It may seem impossible to keep up with the changing environment and understanding the latest digital strategies for business growth.

But here is the catch…

there is an easy way to learn what is working in the marketplace.

Keeping up with the greatest digital marketers in Cameroon is one of the best ways to make sure you have the most successful strategies for your business.

So, I compiled this list for you.

Top 10 Digital Marketers in Cameroon 2020.

10. Amanda Sayo: Amanda is one of Cameroon’s proactive Udemy Certified Digital marketer. She is currently in charge of social media marketing for the Telecommunication giants, Viettel Cameroun S.A. Amanda is a graduate from the University of Buea and has working knowledge in the Information Technology and Services Industry.

Amanda Sayo

9. Katty Nnake: The next on this list is Katty.

Who is she?

a young Cameroonian who serves as Digital Marketing Manager at IT – Kamer. She is also the digital communication officer for a brilliant project called ADPM. This project provides reliable solutions to people who want to invest in Cameroon but are hesitant due to the complexity of the environment.

Katty Nnake

8. Cyrille Yanda: This gentleman is one of the passionate digital marketers East of the country. Cyrille is currently in charge of digital marketing for Pain d’Or Bertoua (the prestigious bakery in bertoua). He has been improving and animating the digital experience for consumers of Pain d’Or Bertoua.

Cyrille Yanda

7. Gabriel Ngong: The 7th on this list is a computer scientist from Bangalore University, India. Gabriel is currently the CEO of ngahtech, a tech company providing several services including digital marketing and social media ads, etc.

Gabriel Ngong

6. Mbuntum Gilbert: Gilbert is sooo good when it comes to mobile marketing, digital creatives, and infographics for the growth of companies. He is the digital marketing manager for Admeup Digital Academy which is the only DMI license company to train for DMI certifications on digital marketing in french Africa.

Mbuntum Gilbert

5. Michael Njefi: When it comes to Search Engine Optimization in Cameroon, Michael Njefi is the first name that comes to mind.

Michael is a Silicon Mountain digital Marketer, who was among the founding members of Afrohustler (Cameroon’s premium Business Blog). He also served as Assistant Manager for ActivSpaces Labs (Cameroon’s leading Tech Hub). Twitter describes him as “blogger, digital marketer, Hubspot Certified Inbound Marketer, Passionate about the Startup Scene in Africa”.

If you want to be SEO Smart, follow him here

Digital Marketers in Cameroon

4. Cedric Ngwa: Cedric Ngwa is the Co-founder and Chief Operations Officer at ETERNAL COMPANY LTD. Cedric is a Tech Entrepreneur who founded Blogvisa ( a budding web hosting brand) and has been serving as the Digital Marketing Consultant for Zenithe Insurance to train their digital marketing team to implement advanced digital marketing strategies for their e-insurance platform.

Cedric Ngwa

3. Alida Kouami Mbacob: Alida is a Master’s degree holder in communications in charge of digital marketing at BloosatOfficial (a Cameroonian operator specializing in the provision of very high-speed Internet access). She is also associated with many other renowned companies including KMAFRIKREA as Founder, Ease Travel Services as Social Media Manager, etc.

Alida Kouami Mbacob

2. Rodrigue Kouam Sihomnou: The runner-up position of this list goes to Rodrigue Kouam. This dynamic computer scientist is the digital marketing manager for Source Du Pays S.A. Oh yeah!!! “Supermont”, as we commonly know it.


He is an advanced digital marketing professional who has worked with many big brands including UBA CAMEROON S.A., SCR MAYA, KPMG RDC (Congo). etc

Rodrigue Kouam Sihomnou

1. PAUL OTTO AKAMA: YES!!! Otto Akama is the Top on the list. Otto is more of a digital marketing engineer because he applies digital marketing strategies from a Techie perspective. 

and even more,

He is a well-known Silicon Mountain computer engineer who has founded several startups including MAKONJO MEDIA, SKADEMY, and many more that attracted the attention of big media houses like BBC Africa, CRTV, etc. This Entrepreneur is empowering young Cameroonians with the skills needed to build successful Small and Medium-sized Internet Businesses.


Now you know the Top 10 digital marketers in Cameroon.

This is just a list of a few icons among the many who exist in the digital marketing industry in Cameroon.

So who did I forget? Leave a comment with the names of other exciting digital marketing professionals below.



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