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Travis Scott Arrested After Concert !!

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Kylie Jenner’s new boyfriend Travis Scott was arrested after his concert on Saturday May 13th in Rogers, Arkansas under the claims that he incited a riot during his performance.
According to Police report, Scott during his concert encouraged his  fans to rush the stage bypassing the security protocols to ensure concert-goer safety. This act of his caused the injury of several people including a security guard and a member of police.
After the injured victims were treated on spot by the fire Department and Mercy Medical, scott was then charged for inciting a riot and endangering the welfare of a minor. He was then transported to the Benton County Sheriff’s office where he was later on released without bail at 11:30 pm.
It so happened that this wasn’t the first time he was been arrested for the same action as it was recorded on August 2015 when he was charged with disorderly conduct after encouraging attendees in Lollapalooza, Chicago to climb over security barricades and storm the stage.
Another misconduct of his was more recently in New York when he encouraged a fan to jump from a third story of a balcony.

It’s like his disorderly conduct may one day leave a corpse or corpses during his concerts. The US government is seriously considering banning his concert

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