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Two Soldiers injured after Boko Haram attack in Gloudjan

At least two Cameroonian soldiers have been injured and hospitalized after Suspected Boko Haram militants attacked and destroyed  a military post of the joint task force to fight Boko Haram early Monday July 24,  reports say.
The military post situated at the Gloudjan locality in the Mayo Sava division of the far north region is reported to have been completely destroyed leaving two soldiers seriously wounded.
The militants equally burned down the military post, destroyed foodstuffs before running back to Nigeria. 
Security has however been reinforced in the area while the injured soldiers have been taken to Mora for treatment.
The attack follows that of last Friday in Dabanga in waza, Logone and Chari division where suspected Boko Haram militants claimed the lives of two persons after detonating a bomb.
photo used for illustration.

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