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Tzy Panchak approves Q10!

Q-10 is lotion for anybody; Male or female, who was born with African skin, no matter the skin texture or colour(Black, Dark brown, ebony, fair, light).

Q-10 is also renown for being able to restore all shades of black skin to their best. It guarantees an Enhanced Complexion, free from Acne, Spots and Dry Skin.

It is made out of Sunflower oil and Clobetazole. It is sold at 7,000frs and is available for purchase at following stores:

Berry Cosmetics, Buea
MK Arena Cosmetics, Buea
Hilton hôtel, Yaoundé
MAHIMA, Douala.

They are currently seeking distributors and partners, if interested, call/WhatsApp: 676817674

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