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Tzy Panchak Claps Back At Blaise B After A Shady Post.

The heat is on between Alpha Better Star, Blaise B and Blu Nation Artist, Tzy Panchak after Blaise B wrote a shady post which many concluded it was aimed at Tzy Panchak. The Africa Muzik Magazine Award that took place in the US on sunday October 8th was attended by many African artists including Tzy Panchak himself who even a gave a live performance of one of his songs. However it wasn’t completely a live performance as the original clip was being played at the background.
Blaise B took to his Facebook page to write a provocative post where fans immediately concluded it was directed at Tzy as he was the only Cameroonian artist who did a live performance that night. His post read thus;

Even if you can’t play any instrument ,my fellow Artists please work on your voice (Live Performance) STOP DISGRACING US internationally ….. #Peace

Tzy Panchak felt exasperated by this remark and wasted no time to jump on the comment section to attack Blaise B as he commented on his post;

“Stop disgracing yourself locally Mr Voice lol , Support your own regardless . We come from a country where we struggle so much to achieve. So a lil love from you won’t kill. I love your Front and Back song. Get a positive mindset . Good luck on your AFRIMA nomination . All love bro ” 

After being poured so much insults by fans, Blaise B tried to Justify himself as he replied to Tzy Panchak’s comment;

@ Tzy Panchak bro this post wasn’t for you…???
1 – You know , I always support 237 , it’s part of me .. 
2- Didn’t cross my mind your performance was yesterday ..
3 -sorry , If you feel offended 
4 – DISGRACING my self locally ? Oh!! Wow… I like this one..

Thank you Bro

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