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Tzy Panchak reveals upcoming collaboration with Stanley Enow, why he signed with Blu Nation and why he keeps his relationship away from social media!

On a Tweet Chat party hosted by Beta Tinz Twitter account; @beta_tinz , Tzy Panchak was a guest, he responded to all Questions asked by his fans via the hashtag #AskPanchak and he revealed alot of juicy information in the process.

When asked about how he derived his artist name; Tzy Panchak, he said:

“Tzy came from Tambe and Panchak means Respect in Thaïlandese so respect Tzy”

He revealed that he has a Bsc in Computer Science and he quit his job to pursue his music career.

When asked about his career journey so far, he responded:

“My career started officially when I quit my job and came back to Cameroon to pursue it. Worked under Best Music for a while then got signed by @BlunationRec. Since then we’ve been working hard to get to the top. God has been good!”

When asked about how to make it in the industry, he responded:

“Pray, work hard, be humble and be close to your fans and evolve”

When asked about his performance on stages in the USA, remarkably on the AFRIMMA Awards stage last year, he responded:

“It was amazing and educative. I met alot of people, learnt a lot of things, had a little stage fright😂😂😂 but above all shut it down. It was all good!”

When asked by a fan, who is also a fellow musician how to know a song is a hit song, he said:

“Intuition… if your guts tell you it’s it then go ahead!”

When asked if he had a budding collaboration with Stanley Enow, he responded:

“Yeah we working on something as we speak 😂🔥💯”

When asked about posting relationships on social media, he said:

“I think a relationship is suppose to be private. So should be kept that way. It’s not easy having people stalking you and wanting to know every detail.”

When asked about how the song on his EP; titled Swellaba featuring Dora Decca happened, he responded:

“It happened sometime last year. During one of the model auditions for the Annual Show, Dora was present and watched me perform. She was blown away and said she wanted us to do a song together and the rest is history… “

When asked about his upcoming projects for this year, he responded:

“This year we have alot of projects In store. God willing we might put an album out. Just know we putting in our best to give you guys the best! We will be revealing them with time😁”

When asked why he chose to sign with Blu Nation Recording, he responded:

“I honestly think it was God’s will cuz I had had other offers before that but there was one thing the CEO of Blunation told me that made me know this was the right one. 

He told me he didn’t have much but was gonna create  opportunities for me to make it. He was willing to put in everything he could to get me to the top.”

To see all the questions, search the hashtag #AskPanchak on Twitter, and for the responses, check out his Twitter handle @tzypanchak

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