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UN 79th General Assembly: Philemon Yang presented as candidate for post of president

Heads of State and government representatives of the Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS), have pledged their support for Cameroon’s former Prime Minister Philemon Yang as candidate for the 79th United Nations General Assembly presidency.

He was picked by the Head of State and his experience was judged outstanding by the Central African leaders.

“If the top hierarchy of Cameroon takes one of its sons to be presented as candidate for this highly coveted post, it means that he is the right candidate” said the Minister of External Relations, Le Jeune Mbella Mbella while presenting Yang’s candidacy to heads of diplomatic missions in Cameroon, July 5.

“He is a good candidate because he has been a political figure for a very long time. He is also very much engaged in fights for the interest of Africa” the Minister of External Relations added.

Each year, a new president is voted to preside over the UN General Assembly session, with a one-year tenure. The president of the 78th session who will be voted to take over from the incumbent, Csaba Korosi from Hungary, will preside over activities this September 2023.

The ECCAS leaders have launched an early call for Africa to support Philemon Yang’s candidacy for the September 2024 session.

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