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Universal Music Africa Makes History as the first Record Label to successfully organise a Pan African Talent Show via Live Streaming!

BetaPipol Universal Music Africa di make history as the first record label for successfully organise some Pan African Talent show, online, via Live Streaming!

Dey be launch ‘Digital Talent Show’ Live for Universal Music Africa Social Media pages dem. Contestants dey participate, dey choose the best. Contestants dey participate from all over Africa, including Cameroon.

Now, every week, dat contestants dey di perform Live again, den UMA di choose the best 2. After the 5th week, all the finalists dey go battle Live again, den dey go choose winner.

The winner e price na say UMA go produce e 1 song.

The Digital Talent Show be very interesting. E di go on, every Sunday, from 9PM, Live for Universal Music Africa Social Media Pages dem.

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