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University Student in Bambili narrates what happened between him and an Amba Boy yesterday. He writes:

Recent picture of Amba Boys

The boy whose name has been concealed and is abbreviated as M.J, writes:

Yesterday I went to visit a friend. 
As I was there up till around 3:30pm, shooting started in Bambili. 
We layed on the floor until around 5:50pm
The shooting stopped. 
I told my friend that I am going to my house.
We prayed and I left for my house. 
Half way between my house and my friend’s house, shooting started again.
I could not go back to my friend’s house because the distances were equal at this point. 
I continued to my house in the midst of heavy gun battle in Bambili yesterday. 
I was using a secret path avoiding main roads. 
When I got to the second to the last house before where I rent, suddenly, a frightful huge man appeared in front of me. I don’t know how he did it because I didn’t see him coming from either direction or appearing in the mystical realm. All I know and still understand is that I just saw him already in front of me one on one. 
He had a gun, and a sword. 

The conversation between me M.J (Me) and the Amba Boy (AB):

AB: Sit down in the mud right there. 

Me: I did, trembling. 

AB: where are you coming from and where are you going to? 

Me: from a friend going to where I live. 

AB: what are you doing in Bambili now? 

Me: I came to see my brother who leaves with my aunt (fabricated lie here) 

AB: where is your brother staying and what is he doing in Bambili? 

Me: he has a store in ENS street (again I lied)

AB: you are a liar. You are a student here and because you are going to school I’m going to shoot your leg. 

Me: Grand a beg I’m not lying. 

AB: if you are not going to school then why did you come to Bambili to visit your brother? 

Me: I’m from Ngie sub division, Momo division. Currently everyone is running away because of the crisis. 

AB: Smile. Because you said you are from Ngie and am happy with what my brothers did to those frogs in Andek yesterday. Get up and go fast. 

Me: as I stood up and started going trembling and shaking. 

AB: ehh! Come back here and sit down. 

Me: I did just as he commanded.
As I sat down he talked sense into me.

AB: anytime you here gun shoots pass the night wherever you are.
Even if it’s in the toilet.
You are lucky because you met but me and I am a real Amba Boy.
 If you had met but the LRC military or fake Amba boys, they would have kill you and tied a red cloth round your waist. 
Just know that anytime there are gun shots the military and us are all over in secret places watching for our enemies. 
Please you people should be careful with your lives because life is gold.
For us, we have sacrificed our lives to fight for you people and we need people to be there at the end of the struggle.
 Don’t go out at night.
 If you feel like to send out waste from your body do that in your room and clean it up during the day when it’s safe. 

Me: thank you grand I’m sorry. 

AB: get up idiot. 
I did as he asked he held my hand took me right to my door.
 Asked me to open the door, I did. 
He asked me to enter and close the door. Immediately I entered the room I heard the sound of two gun shots in the air. 

This is a true testimony of mine (M.J) that happened yesterday October 3rd 2018 in Bambili. 

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