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Updates on the 333 Anglophone Prisoners who were granted clemency by President Paul Biya:

Last week, President Paul Biya ordered the release of 333 Anglophones who were detained for the Anglophone Crisis.

In Kondengui Maximum Security Prison, there are 215 of such prisoners. Among them, 25 are on President Paul Biya’s Clemency list of 333 people.

Only 11 of those 25 people have been released. The other 14 people have not been released because they were sentenced for their involvement in the Kondengui fire outbreak  months ago.

The other 308 people on President Paul Biya’s list are spread among other prisons in the country. Updates coming through!

These statistics were obtained from a human rights activist called Bergeline Domou, who was present at Kondengui during the release of the 11 mentioned above.

See pictures of their release:

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