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Veteran Cameroonian artiste, Liza T in dire need of help!!

Liza T, a superstar Makossa musician in the 90s, whose music is still actively enjoyed in Nightclubs and bars today is seriously sick and in need of our help. She revealed in an interview that her ill health caused her her career, as event promoters stopped inviting her for shows and concerts because she kept collapsing on stage. She has gingivitis and has to undergo surgery but she has no money to effect that. She is presently living in her aunt’s house which has no electricity in a remote neighbourhood in Douala. She was discovered by the team of an Equinox Tv show, who documented her life, revealing the pain she is going through at the moment. Click below to watch:

 She even mentioned that the ministry of culture released some money to support her medicals which never got to her because some individuals at the ministry did what they do best which is embezzling money not meant for them! She lives at the mercy of her neighbours and relatives. A fan of hers in the United States; Olivier Jeepy, has put up a campaign to raise funds to help her out. Some Cameroonians in the USA have already started donating to that cause; Maybelle Boma, Anthony A. Ngafor, Olivier Ngambu and London based designer Anrette Ngafor (Liiber London), God bless them. You too can donate by clicking here:  Let us give her hope and help her out of this depressive state, rather than hail long sympathetic speeches when she is gone.
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