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Vice President of Equatorial Guinea gets ‘blocked’ in Brazil!

The Vice President of Equatorial Guinea, who doubles as the son of the president of Equatorial Guinea; Teodorin Nguema Obiang, alongside his entourage, got held up in Brasil over the weekend after cash and watches worth a total of 16 Million USD were found in their possession at the airport.

Due to his diplomatic status, Teodorin Obiang was not detained and questioned, but his entourage was.
Obiang travelled with an 11 man delegation into the country in a government aircraft meanwhile they are not on any official government mission.
Upon checking at the airport the Brasilian police saw cash worth 1.4 Million USD and watches worth 15 Million USD.
The money and watches were in two suitcases, and the delegation travelled with 19 suitcases including one which was labeled ‘diplomatic baggage’ and asuch was not subject to checking.
See photos below:
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