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Vicky Fokala of Kinnaka TV’s Vox Pop threatens legal action against Kinnaka TV!

So we received news from a reliable source that the presenter of Kinnaka TV’s show; Vox Pop, Vicky Fokala, has threatened to take legal action against the executive producer of Kinnaka TV if her image is used in the show again. She doesn’t want to be a part of Vox Pop and Kinnaka Tv any longer. Vox Pop season 1 has 13 episodes which were all hosted by Vicky. 7 out of those 13 episodes are already online. The remaining 6 have not been launched online yet, but they were pre-shot. So will Kinnaka Tv release them? Well, at this point, we can only wonder, “what went wrong?” Stay tuned for updates! Check out the episodes of Vox Pop below:

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