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Video Vixen speaks out on being criticized for her role in Ambe’s Video ‘Reste La’

Red Eye Group released the video of  their artist; Afro-pop sensation; Ambe, about 2 months ago titled ‘Reste La.’ The script and creative direction of the video was done by Ade Bertrand and it was directed by NS Pictures
As well as many picked interest in the main video vixen in the video, Kristine, some others criticized her for the role she played. If you haven’t already watched the video, here you go:

So we reached out to her so we could understand it all from her own perspective. Check out the little conversation we had with her below:

Beta Tinz: Tell us a little about yourself.

Kristine: Well I am Mukete Christy (kblanchz)a student at the university of Bamenda and also a video vixen

Beta Tinz:  How did you with meet with Ambe?

Kristine: I met with Ambe in a restaurant, we shared the same table, began talking, and that’s how our friendship developed.

Beta Tinz: What was your reaction when you were offered the chance to feature in his video?

Kristine: Well when I was offered the chance to feature in Ambe’s Reste La video I was glad because I saw it as a forum to showcase my talent as a video vixen and I guess it includes acting too.

Beta Tinz: The video depicts you as a ‘cheap’ girl who will go with any man that comes her way.
How did you feel when the whole concept of the video was explained to you?

Kristine: when the concept of the video was explained to me I was like “wow, what a challenging role.” But at the end of the day I said to myself it’s just acting and took it up as a challenge to play the role as the ‘cheap’ girl.

It wasn’t like I was trying to bring out a character I possess, I basically just had to adopt a certain character just so the video will be presented as it was written and directed and I really didn’t see it as an issue I saw it as a place to show I could adopt any character depending on the role I am to play.

Beta Tinz: You appeared in the video half nude, thereby portraying a complete different image of
yourself. This simple act must have raised criticism from the public. What did people approach you with and how did you handle

Kristine: When I decided to take up this character and play the role in the video and appear half nude I was fully aware that I was going to get criticism from the public because we all are humans and have different views. I knew there will be some who will appreciate and some who will criticize but the most important thing I had in mind was that I was just acting and nothing more. So to me the whole thing was just a girl acting and not actually Kristy. It was a challenging role and I overcame it. But as regards to my reaction when people approach me with such criticism I really don’t feel bad or embarrassed because I know it wasn’t really me it was just a girl playing a role. I was just trying to show how courageous and talented I could be.

Beta Tinz: Tell us about your working relationship with Ambe during the shooting of the video.

Kristine: Ambe is a nice person. He is very collaborative. He is someone who puts in his best when he wants to achieve something in other to bring out the best. So while working with him, I made sure I gave in my best.

Beta Tinz: If you were given another opportunity to feature in another video under the same
concept, will you?

Kristine: Definitely yes, if I was given another opportunity to feature in another video under the same concept. I’ll definitely do it because each time I watch the video I’m surprised I could bring out such a character which I don’t posses. So if I could do a video with that concept then I really don’t think it’s a big deal doing another video under the same concept.

To book Kristine: +237 681811897

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