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Viewers suggest Tropika Island of Treasure finale was “rigged”

Viewers are saying the 7th season finale of Tropika Island of Treasure is “rigged” after the team of Anga Makubalo (NaakMusiQ) and Bonginkosi Ndima unexpectedly won out over team Siv Ngesi and Khabonina Shabangu. The finale didn’t deliver the pay-off on the narrative that Team Siv was the strongest and best team that was set up in the preceding 11 episodes.

While team Siv Ngesi and Khabonina Shabangu consistently showed the better team spirit, determination and bigger muscle and strategising brain power in the preceding 11 episodes, the finale of Clover’s Tropika Island of Treasure turned the expected narrative on its head in the 12th episode on Monday night.

On social media viewers slammed the show after they didn’t get the outcome they wanted and that they feel that Siv Ngesi and Khabonina Shabangu deserved, saying the show “showed us that while some work so bloody hard to succeed others easily get it off the plate”.

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