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Violence surges between Cameroonians and Nigerians in Dubai!

BetaPipol yesterday, Cameroonians and Nigerians dey scatter place for Deira(Dubai-UAE).

Weti happun?

Wa source for Dubai teh we say na tin dis way happun:

Some Cameroonian man way nova ova stay way e go Dubai, go buy work from some Nigerian man. For pipo way no kno, Africans dem for Dubai dey di buy/sell work(job). So the Nigerian man take e money, tell e say in 2 weeks, e go gi e the work.

The Nigerian man di do mimbo/snack bar bisness. The Cameroonian man be gi the Naija man money so for pay e for start e own mimbo bisness.

2 weeks reach, e meetop the Naija man, the man di turn turn e. E say if the work nodi show, make e gi e money bak, the Nigerian man make e open eye, drive e.

The guy now go call e Cameroonian grand frère dem, dey go use force take e money from the Naija man, gi e bak. Among dat grand frère dem, some one e name na Tasso.

The Naija man now vex, go carry e mendem dey go attack dat Cameroonian guy. E call e grand frère Tasso again, e kam, call police, sotey dat Naija mendem sign undertaking say dey no go touch dat Cameroonian guy again.

Tasso and e mendem dey now di chill, di mind dier bisness, dey kno say dat matter don settle, dey wan see plenty Naija mendem burst wit knives and axes dem. Tasso and e mendem pick tokio, unfortunately dey catch Tasso. Chuk e wit knives plenty times dem, den dey use axe on top e head.

Police kam carry Tasso go hospitul, wit Ambulance. E di fight for e life now so.

Cameroonians dey vex enta street say dey go butcher all Nigerians dem for revenge. Dey catch some Nigerians dem wound dem. Police kam… Tension still dey bitwin the 2 communities dem now so.

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