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Wams MrKlassic Launches his debut Album #TAKE2 with a highly anticipated #Spreadlove Live concert!

#Spreadlove is a live concert played by Wams Mrklassic and his #Tokitoki band to launch his debut album titled #TAKE2 and raise funds to support 25 internally displaced persons of the Anglophone crisis and orphans residing in Douala. This concert will take place at Cabaret le Metro in Douala on Friday December 14th as from 18h.

 Wams has published over 10 songs prior to the release of his debut album #TAKE2.  From Afrobeats, through rumba, soul and his personally created #Bottlesoul, carved out of grassfield’s bottle dance, take2 is a 10 track album. It is about love, life, party, reflection and humanity. Wams collaborated with musicians and producers like Percy, Simplice, Bill Nyame, DJ Cliff, DreBoy and Valen.

About The Artist: Wams Mrklassic is winner of #OVUUM’s award for best inspirational song from Africa recently in Geneva, Switzerland with his hit classic titled #Newsman. He is world Youth Theater music Ambassador with distinction after representing Cameroon by performing at the opening and closing ceremonies of the World Youth Forum theatre in Sharm el Sheik, Egypt, attended by more than 5000 youths from 197 countries and chaired by Heads of states. He is Cameroon’s United Nation’s Green Music Ambassador after he emerged winner of a contest for songs that promote best environmental practices with his classic titled, Earthsong.

With this portfolio, he has released songs that empower young artists to lead sustainable lifestyles through his JeuneArtiste campaign. Wams is holder of a Bachelor of Science degree in Journalism and mass Communications and a diploma in music and peace building. He has practiced Journalism and corporate communications prior to embracing his music and social activism career. He is born on September 15th in Buea but originally from Ngie Sub Division of the Northwest Region.

He is single, sings in English, French, Pidgin and Ungie, his native tongue
Wams grew up with his uncle El Chic Echondong alias Amumba, a celebrated Highlife musician from Cameroon. He learned basic music theory and watched his uncle play the guitar and has since then followed in his footsteps. During rehearsals, his uncle’s band would give him a chance to interpret American blues songs and some contemporary African hits at the age of 15 to the appreciation of many. Wams would thrill his school mates in high school as he performed in a small school band called the roonians of BGS Buea.

He started making a name for himself when he released his debut single titled Amingya meaning Hello in his native Ngie dailect.
After a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Mass communication, Wams developed interest in writing theme songs for movies, documentaries, and community based campaigns. The first was his afro – soul piece Africa love that was used as theme song in Paul Samba’s Too Deep.

Wams beat 200 contestants with his soul piece, EARTHSONG, at a United Nations organized contest for music on the environment to become Cameroon ambassador for green music 2017. Since then, he has used his music to promote sustainability amongst young people.

 After 6 years of Journalism practice, Wams put the ills of Journalism practice in 3rd world countries like Cameroon into music in his maiden official release called Newsman. Wams reveals his mellow vocals on different music genres as interprets popular songs with his music band called CARNIVOR and has become a leading vocalist, song writer and singer in Cameroon.

This event promises rich moments of red carpet interactions between lovers of good music. Tickets are available at several points of sale. To make a reservation call 676335224/679955266
The #TAKE2 album is rich and can’t wait to be discovered by fans at this live concert event. Make it a date!

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