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Watch Tarla Pamela & Cristyle Mila ‘s dance cover of DJ Khaled’s wild thoughts!

Tarla Pamela aka Pamzy is a young Cameroonian dancer and CEO of the prominent dance crew “Kamer Great Dancers (KGD). Pamzy originates from NWR, Ndonga Mantung Division – Nkambe to be specific. She grew up surrounded by lovers of music and dancing hence she started dancing at a very tender age but finally decided to go professional in 2015. Pamzy’s remarkable energy, creativity, attitude, strong will, ambition, courage and reputable personality has kept her on top of her game since her debut.

Pamzy together with her crew mates has succeeded in imposing herself in the entertainment industry in such a short time. So far, Pamzy and her KGD crew have worked on a good number of successful projects (Videos, shows, events) gaining enough street, national and international credibility. Haven performed with artistes like; XMalaya, Salatiel, Mr Leo, Daphne, Rhythmz, Davido etc, one can comfortably right her professionalism and experience.

Her self confidence and God’s grace has brought her this far and as a growing brand, leader and role model, Pamzy strives to inspire young people across the world, “Dance” being her major tool and language of communication. It’s an undeniable fact; Pamzy is currently one Cameroon’s most branded dancers and like palm wine, she keeps getting better with time.

Pamzy recently embarked on a dance quest across the country, meeting, discovering and working with different dancers from different parts of Cameroon. Here she is with one of Cameroon’s finest, Cristyle Mila of Dibosso Dance in Yaounde. Enjoy this short freestyle dance by two of Cameroon’s most talented dancers Pamzy and Cristyle Mila. Song by DJ Khaled ft Rihanna (Wild thoughts).
Click below to watch:

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