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Watch these Camer Rappers show what they got as they rap in cyphers! #MutumbuCypher & #Cypher237

Ever imagined some of your fave Camer rappers showing off what they got in one place? well, wait no more. These two cyphers, ‘The Mutumbu Cypher’ and ‘Cypher 237’ went down! The mutumbu cypher was hosted in Molyko, Buea by ‘Mutumbu Records’. The beat was delivered by ‘Le Drae’, and it was conceptualised by Mutumbu Records, Co-founder, Ade. It saw rappers such as ; Askia, Mic Monster, Mink’s and Boy Cheez. It was directed by Njimape Terrence. Click link below to watch:

This other cypher called #Cypher237 was hosted by Dynamic MC Tito Valerie.This is the second version of the #Cypher237 series. The beat was delivered by DJ K-Ran and it saw rappers such as Krotal(one of camer’s pioneer rappers), Ayriq Akam, Flair and Dareal.

Click the link below to watch it!
Click to watch #Cypher237

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