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Wax Dey and 179 other African artists sing Michael Jackson + Lionel Richie’s ‘We are the world’ song for the #NoToXenophobia #NoToEbola campaign!

180 artists came together from over 7 African countries; South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Tanzania and Cameroon; to do their own rendition of the epic ‘We are the world’ song written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie and produced by Quincy Jones.The very one that was sung by several artists led by Wyclef Jean some years back to support the people of Haiti when disaster struck their country. Yes, that song! The organizers of this project that brought together these 180 african artists say that they want to showcase unity in Africa by showing Africans and the world that just as we can produce good music if we sing together, we can achieve great fits if we come together. They are standing for an Africa against Xenophobia and Ebola. #NoToXenophobia #NoToEbola #AfricaUnite Download Video!

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