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Wax Dey takes to the street to sensitize people against Boko Haram!

Wax Dey is a humanitarian indeed! Hope you are voting for him to win Best Humanitarian Artist at the upcoming AFRIMMAs(Click to Vote for Wax Dey). He is not only fighting poverty via the ONE campaign, he is also fighting terrorism! He took to the streets in Bafoussam to sensitize people against Boko Haram, telling them about the toll free hotline to call when any suspicion regards to Boko Haram arises. The number is 1500 and it is free for all networks in Cameroon. Awwww! Wax Dey, do keep inspiring us!!

Wax Dey with Motorcycle riders sensitizing them about how to stop Boko Haram

Wax Dey on the street sensitizing people about how to Stop Boko Haram

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