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West Cameroon successfully boycotts 11th February!

As shared by Consortium leader; Mark Bareta:

“When we are united, we beat them.
For the first time in history since our parents voted in good faith to join an independent country called La Republique du Cameroun based on some terms which were never materialised as I write, we have succeeded in puncturing the 11th February plebiscite day. History will record this generation as those who sever the links with 11th February bad taste. Our parents gone before us marked with the sign of faith shall be happy with us.

Reports from Southern Cameroons say from the Northern to the Southern zones in Southern Cameroons, all communities and cities are dead. No activity is taking place. Our people are indoors. No celebration of whatsoever.
However, we could only see floods of military parading our empty and dead streets with some colonial administrators and some southern Cameroons slaves elites who have hired some francophones trying to march past in few areas so as to sabotage our struggle. All Southern Cameroonians are home praying and chatting the way forward.

The civil resistance is real. Meanwhile in Pamol Lobe, our correspondence says three vehicles stationed infront of the mill to transport workers have been there since morning empty. All workers are home.

Reports just got to us that Akwaya grandstand has been burnt down because the D O paid some illiterates who attempted to march but it failed. We condemn the DO for provoking our people and we also call our people every where to not destroy our institutions and infrastructures. We need these buildings. Our people should please show maximum restrain.

I know you want to know what next? Expect the big surprise in the evening when the Consortium officially sends out a package for the future.
Stay tuned for updates.
God bless you.
Mark Bareta.”

However, reports allegedly hold that a march past took place in Buea this morning by military students in the police school who were pressured to march. Allegedly, they are the only ones who marched, as the whole town observed ghost town.

Reports from Tiko say that the grand stand was burnt down yesterday.

Reports from Limbe say that the Grand stand was decorated by government officials but stayed empty as nobody showed up to march.

Reports from Nkambe say that only soldiers were at the grand stand.

Reports from Ndu say that only traditional rulers were at the grand stand with police men.

Reports from Bamenda say some students from CENAJES marched with some secondary school representatives. They were heavily guarded by armed police men, Commercial avenue was blocked by protesters.

Here are photos from Santa this morning:

It is safe to say West Cameroon actually successfully boycotted 11 February, because not even 1/10th of the population showed up to march and celebrate the Youth day as before.

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