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Why Everyone is Talking about Mr Leo’s Looks in ‘Mon Patronne’ Video

He had an undying love for his ubiquitous black tights and paid little attention to a stream of dislikes and complaints about those tights on social media. Who knows, but those black tights did an excellent job as they kept him relevant as the outfit trended more than his released songs. Those tights were ironically a hit.

Mr. Leo’s most recent video release, ‘Mon Patronne’ was applauded by many fans as his style was augmented by Divine Polyvalent’s touch. We all know Divine and his affection for bright colors. Bright colors on Leo’s melanin…magnificent combination.

But why those same black tights? How many of such do you have in your closet? My dark soul was electrified with laughter while reading fans’ comment on Mr. Leo’s Facebook post.

Some fans could be sarcastic (lol, social media has no friends). Mr. Leo has experienced cyberbullying more than any other 237 celebrity in relation to his brand image, personal style, and fashion sense.

Last year, Mr. Leo got bashed by many who described him as not being fashionable and having a monotonous taste in fashion. Critics slammed the Alpha Betta Records artist for repeatedly using black pants in most performance.

His music always touches my soul; I can’t deny that. I’m Leo’s diehard fan but as a model, I think style is personal and subjective. But at certain moments, public figures have to listen to their fans.

When I set my eyes on the ‘Mon Patron’ video, I smiled to myself. He was elegant and dashy in a yellow bespoke double-breasted blazer. The African print vest gave him that chic African aura. Black and white striped pants, whites shirts with red suspenders exudes class and taste. I love this recent look.

In a nutshell, we applaud Divine Polyvalent for that smothering touch of style. Every artist should take costuming seriously. Image is the new data. First impression matters, especially in showbiz. Every public figure needs a stylist. I think Leo finally got one.

About Divine Polyvalent
Divine Polyvalent is a stylist, costume designer, and fashion influencer. He uses social media to educate and inspire his followers about fashion and style.

Facebook: Divine Polyvalant

by Sama Tanya

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