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“Why is Pit Baccardi sounding like Franko?”- My opinion on Pit Baccardi’s new song, Arrêtez!

Pit Baccardi is a
legendary Cameroonian artiste. That fact is indisputable. His rap skills and
poetry have earned him several awards and worldwide recognition. He has a
unique rap style and word play, that he has groomed over the years so much so
that it became his signature, what we loved him for. When he came back to Cameroon, he wasn’t doing a lot of music. Instead he invested in
the careers of younger Cameroonian artistes via his record label; Empire. He
did some collaborations with Xmaleya and a few other artistes, but no major new

A couple of weeks ago, he announced that he would be releasing a new
song. The Cameroonian music community was elated, his fans especially, and
anticipation grew. Myself I was excited. Then the song dropped over the
weekend…and I was like: 

The song was produced
by DJ Pazzo and Magasco. Click below to watch it:

It is the trending ‘Afro-rap’ that several Camer
rappers; Franko, Maalhox, Minks etc are endorsing these days, and we absolutely
love them for what they do because that is how we knew them.

Most of us fell in
love with Franko from ‘Coller La petite’ and that is how we know him, as an
afro-rapper who uses music to talk about social issues in our community in a
very light mood with lots of humour.

Those of us who love
Pit Baccardi fell in love with him because we knew him as a rapper who used rhythm
and poetry to educate and spark revolutions. Then after being silent for a
while he comes back with a new song, and sounds nothing like the Pit Baccardi
we used to know. The song is in line with his usual educative lyrics, but it is
obvious that he tried to blend into the trending new style of rap. Maybe he is
trying to re-brand himself…but…

In my opinion to pull
off this song, he would have collaborated with the leading Camer rappers in
that domain of rap; either Franko or Maalhox. That way, it wouldn’t have looked
liked Pit Baccardi was trying to imitate anybody, it would have looked like the
‘Big’ Pit is complimenting the younger generation of rappers, like he is
endorsing them. It would have complimented his brand; a veteran Cameroonian urban
artiste who is supporting the younger generation.

The issue here is not
the fact that he is flowing on an afro beat, the issue here is that his
flow on the afro beat is not original.

I just aired
my opinion of the situation. For those of y’all who
like to see everything through hate, who would try to call me a hater, you are on your own!
Real people know positive criticism when they see it. If I didn’t love Pit
Baccardi, I wouldn’t even bother…

Camer’s Mboko god; Jovi, and Franko aired their own opinions of the song via their twitter. Check out the screenshots below:

JOVI’s opinion

Franko’s opinion

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