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Will GCE and other National exams hold this year?

As reported by CRTV, the last day for GCE registration and other compilation of files for other National exams in Cameroon is Friday February 28th 2017.

Meanwhile, schools have been shut down in the South West and North west regions of Cameroon since November 21st 2016 up till now.

Registration for GCE began on the 8th of November 2016 and about 2 weeks later schools were shut down due to the strike. Meaning a high chunk of students in the North West and South west regions have not registered for the national exams. The GCE board headquarters is in Buea, South West region, the staff observe the Ghost Towns on the Ghost Town days, the teachers who are supposed to set the questions and mark are on strike.

How then would the national exams go on? Is it even possible?

The UNESCO(United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) Ambassador in Cameroon, Mr Paul Ombiono, was interviewed on CRTV this January 2017 where he declared that according to UNESCO, an academic year comprises of 900 hours, and that if students don’t meet up with at least 60% of those 900 hours, that academic year will be cancelled ALL over that particular country.

In the case of Cameroon, due to the Strike in West/southern Cameroon, there has been no school for over 10 weeks so far, meanwhile UNESCO cancels the Academic year if students do not attend classes for 6 weeks.

Going by what the UNESCO ambassador said in that interview, no certificate issued this year in Cameroon will be valid! In the WHOLE of Cameroon, not only Southern/West Cameroon.

One of the journalists asked if it was possible for the holidays to be used for school, so that students in Southern Cameroon could catch up, he said that was possible.

He also mentioned that UNESCO doesn’t retain the rights to declare that a school year has been cancelled in a country, only the government can, but nonetheless, on their own side, they assume the school year has been cancelled and they would not recognize certificates from the country that academic school year. Watch the interview:

Let it be known that UNESCO is the educational regulatory body and they are the ones who validate school certificates in countries.

So beta people, what do you think? Will GCE and other national exams hold this year despite the strike?

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