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Woman gets arrested in Nkongsamba for giving birth to a baby and dumping the baby in a gutter!

BetaPipol some 32years old geh way e name na Mercy Ndandweh di warm space now so for Ngata for Nkongsamba bicos e born some fine pikin go troweyam for gutter.

So tin way happun na say Mercy be di stay for NW. E get e Bae for dat side, sotey the boy don engage e. Bicos of crisis, tin dem be slow for e, so e relocate go di stay wit e Aunty for Nkongsamba, while e fiancé remain for NW.

E go reach for e Aunty e house now, e and e cousin dey start bob ! E cousin nack e nkanda sotey e carry belleh. As e carry belleh now, e cousin seeam say tcha’ah don badt, e squaler !

Na so Mercy born the pikin, den e go troweyam for some gutter for Nkongsamba dey. The pikin las die. Police dey open investigation for the matter, na so dey trace Mercy, catch e.

E dey ngata now so di warm space for dey.

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