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Yaya Touré and his agent donate £100,000 to victims of Manchester Arena attack

The recent Manchester Arena attack which took place on Monday during the Ariana Grande show left 22 dead and 64 injured.
In honor of the attack, many celebrities have been offering their support in terms of cash and kind words, including Ivory coast’s midfielder, Yaya Toure. He, alongside his agent have donated £100,000 each to the victims of the attack.
In an interview with BBC Sports, Toure’s representative Dimitri Seluk said “We want to help the victims – the families of the dead or those who are now in hospital.
I spoke to Yaya on Tuesday and he was very shocked by the terrible news
We have arranged with the Manchester Evening News to help us get the money to the people who really need it.
We don’t want to send it somewhere and nobody knows where it will end up – we want to make sure it goes to people for whom every penny helps.
I think it will take a few days to organise it, but Yaya is in England and can come and present the cheque whenever it is needed.
Yaya loves Manchester and has a big affinity with the city and its people.
This fund is a chance for us to get the money to the right people, which is very important.”
He went further to say “‘The news of an eight-year-old girl who went to see her favourite singer and didn’t return home is too much to bear. My son is eight years old and I can’t image the pain and the suffering that the parents of Saffie will be going through today.
Yaya and I want to help. We talked this morning about what happened and he asked me what he thought we could do.
We have agreed to donate £100,000 each to help the victims of this terrible crime. It doesn’t matter whether the victims are from Manchester or not.
Yaya is from Cote D’Ivoire (Ivory Coast), I am Russian. It doesn’t matter. Today is a chance for those of us in football to help out.’

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