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You will not believe how much was distributed to the municipal councillors who voted for the Senatorial Elections 2018!

Each voter received  50,000frs to pay for their transport, despite the fact that voting is their civic duty as municipal councillors.

Last Sunday, senatorial elections were held on the entire national triangle.

A total of 10,000 voters were expected by Elections Cameroon (ELECAM), in charge of organizing the poll in polling stations.

However, once the voting session was over, the voters were once again in front of the ballot box, but this time, to collect money.

Each voter received 50,000 FCFA to pay their transport as explained by officials of ELECAM and the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Territorial Development (MINEPAT), who distributed the money.

In total, the Government will have spent for the 10,000 municipal councilors who went to vote, the sum of 500 million FCFA.

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